Black & Blue
a documentary about Savannah’s Original Nine
On May 5th, 1947 the City of Savannah appointed nine African American men to the all white municipal police force, shattering the race barrier in Georgia law enforcement.  Known as the “Original Nine”, the men ranked as Georgia's first ever black peace officers and were only the third group commissioned in all the Deep South.  Moreover, this sensational achievement resulted from a unprecedented election-day alliance between black leaders and white progressives seeking to oust Savannah's entrenched political machine.  A stunning blow to the city's corrupt bosses, the move touched off a bitter, decades-long power struggle in City Hall that helped pave the way toward civil rights equality in Savannah.
A compelling story of African-American leadership and interracial cooperation, Black & Blue documents the watershed events surrounding the appointment of Georgia's “Original Nine”.  The program, a non-fiction motion picture film, consists of original interviews originated on B&W 16MM film stock coupled with archival materials including newsreels, photographs, audio recordings, periodicals and historical records.
“you wouldn't dare dream of being a police officer when I was growing up, because it was just something that couldn't happen”
-Officer William E. Wallace